Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist, my works explore the boundaries of my chosen media. I practice drawing, painting, ceramics, and graphic arts but I keep myself open to the possibilities of any materials I can acquire. Across all mediums, my current works navigate the spectrum of sexual and gender identity, and incorporate nature and elements of fantasy to break binarism.


Plants, however, are mostly hermaphrodite. And considering that gender is a social construct rather than a biological characteristic, plants being assigned gender roles/gender meanings in cultures parallels the often unrelated qualities in our own social culture that contribute to the dichotomization of gender. People equate gender with biological sex as well, and certain attributes or behaviors lend to a gender performance. Yet the nature of plants and people include a lot of overlapping layers, complexities, fluidity, yet there are conflicting rules and expectations of both that contribute to the ongoing conversations about assigning gender to everything. The inability to agree on gender being a spectrum, paired with the bullish pursual of defining a gender binary to me makes the existence of gender as something almost absurd, and/or alienesque.


Combined with my “drawing” style of painting, and the reliance on slow, tedious handbuilding for my sculptures, my works hold layers of physicality and problem-solving, which allows the pieces to grow naturally over several sessions.